Yamaha YST-SW216 – the latest solution for everyone

Yamaha YST-SW216 is a great combination of modern technology and Yamaha reliability. This is an amazing subwoofer with everything you need. The exhaust port prevents resonance and vibration to ensure perfect quality output sound. The structure is very durable. This model uses a variety of sound enhancement technologies to provide a sufficient solution to fill a small to medium sized room with a solid, natural bass. This Yamaha YST-SW216 review will help those looking for a good subwoofer.


YST-SW216 looks like the latest solution with front firing design. It also has a liner port to minimize extra noise. The port is on the right panel. Equipped with a 10 inch long stroke cone driver with magnetic shielding, it is perfectly safe for other devices nearby. The cabinet is made of dense MDF material, finished in amazing wood style. The cabinet is durable and the entire subwoofer is properly configured-there is no rattling or shaking when moving this subwoofer. It weighs 13.3×13.3×15.1 and weighs 24.7 pounds. This model is not very heavy, so you can easily place it where you need it.


The YST-SW216 specification proves to be an amazing and premium product. Active front firing is an active subwoofer. Nominal output power is 50W RMS and maximum output power is 100W RMS. Audio amplifier output power is 50W, sensitivity is 100dB and frequency response range is 25Hz to 180Hz. The crossover frequency ranges from 40 Hz to 140 Hz. There is an RCA LFE input with two speaker outputs and inputs. YST (Advanced Yamaha Active Stereo Technology) is a unique system that allows amplifiers and speakers to work together to eliminate impedance, perfect for linear movement of speakers. YST technology ensures the highest sound pressure levels. This technology also ensures low levels of noise. This model also has a selectable high cut filter.

Performance and sound quality

Customers are satisfied with the output sound of this model and generate enough power to fill small and medium-sized rooms. This is a good option for movies. It would be nice to have a carpet in the room. However, if multiple customers share the same space, some customers say that this model is not an option.

Some customers claim that this model is very accurate and this subwoofer is suitable not only for movies, but also for music, but some customers still claim to distort the output sound.

This model works amazingly on Yamaha receivers, and running YPAO correction (automatic audio correction solution for Yamaha receivers) makes this subwoofer sound much better. Customers also say that the sound of this subwoofer is less blurry and tight, but may not reach the lowest frequency.


Setting up the YST-SW216 is very easy to perform. All ports are labeled so you can connect everything easily. This model varies in terms of input ports. The setup process is simple. You can connect everything and then start dial tuning to get the right sound. You need to adjust the crossover frequency dial and the volume dial. All dials are on the rear panel, making it easy to adjust the Yamaha YST-SW216 settings.


If you need a great subwoofer that provides enough power to fill a small to medium sized room, you'll need the Yamaha YST-SW216. This model also comes with a variety of audio enhancement solutions, so the output bass sound is clear and deep. Since it is magnetically shielded, other devices near this subwoofer will not be damaged. But some customers claim that this is not the perfect option for music, but it is still impressive. This model is well made and the structure is very durable. The input port can also be trusted.