Yamaha RX-V579BL Specifications – "Sellable" Sound Description

This powerful 7.2 AV receiver belongs to the middle segment. The device offers several options for controlling the operation of the device, but the opportunity for equalization is not great. This device is sufficient to maintain the latest UHD technology and multidimensional sound. Learn more in this Yamaha RX-V579BL review!


The device has an expensive touch, but the design is very simple. Simple rectangular shape, small buttons on the front. There are many connection ports including ports for phone and AUX. The back panel has a good start and a comprehensive label. The minimalist and informative remote control is noteworthy for abnormal input movement and volume control.


Dual zone support is the main feature of this receiver. 7-channel signals can be separated and sent to 2-channel zone B. However, you cannot diversify the content because the contents of the two zones have the same output. It also does not support independent Zone B & # 39; playback. Independent playback is possible with MusicCast Multiroom technology, which requires compatible wireless speakers.


The receiver supports most modern video formats, including 4K, and provides analog to HDMI signal conversion to maintain high picture quality. Deep Color mode provides rich juicy colors in HD movies. The receiver delivers 115W for a subwoofer and 80W for other speakers, while Bi-amplification further enhances stereo sound.

Sound quality

A clean, distortion-free loud sound with clear outlines for all channels is a visiting card for this device. The middle line is very dynamic, the high line is sharp and without interference. If you reliably disconnect the subwoofer connection, it will lead to a thunder-shaped locking base. The receiver supports Virtual Surround, delivering very powerful, echo-free audio and transmitting purely to headphones.


A set of physical connections is standard for this type of AV receiver. But wireless offers a lot of options. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enable instant quality streaming. The streaming app comes in the full version with all the controls and menus available. Also paired with Alexa to get voice control. It doesn't work perfectly, but it adds well to smartphone apps.


With this receiver, it takes a long time to set up the system and perform calibration. This is because it provides a lot of menus without any obvious transitions that are not user friendly. However, once adjusted, the system retains the settings and no further adjustment is required.


The physically impressive penetrating sound is the "landing card" of this rugged midweight receiver. Surround sound is not available at all, but headphone surround is of the highest quality. The device is famous for its reliable connection and multiple streaming options.