Yamaha RX-A750: Beyond Home Theater

We would like to give you a review of the new device of the AVENTAGE series-the Yamaha RX-A750 This series represents Yamaha high quality equipment. In my opinion, all audiophiles will be pleased with the updated materials that this receiver offers. I bought this amp in titanium color, the same price as black but much more impressive. The installation range comes with an easy to configure remote and one microphone. Thanks to the designer, all these specifications are wonderful and impressive. If you need to watch your favorite videos on YouTube with high quality sound, the Yamaha RX-A750 meets your expectations.


Nothing gets damaged when designing the Aventage lineup. I personally like the receiver-a heavy, well built unit with an aluminum front and impressive with very good quality. The regulator is on the front and you can feel the resistance of the two largest regulators very well. Then if you need to quickly connect your laptop, you can see the inputs of headphone, microphone and front HD media type. The remote has a lot of buttons squeezed into a relatively small space, making it a bit familiar, but using the receiver every day is simple.


The Yamaha RX-A750 has serious advantages. Most notable is the ability to listen to different speakers in different areas of the house with the push of a button. Party mode powers on the second zone and mirrors everything playing in the main theater. It's easier than ever to listen to music in other parts of your home. AV controller apps available from the major app stores let you control input, volume, track selection and more from your smartphone or tablet. Slightly more expensive than ordinary receivers, but worth it


I enjoyed each input in amazing 4k Ultra HD with video upscaling. In addition, HDCP 2.2 support and high-definition audio over network connections sparked my heart. It is difficult to say how many hours you have already heard different types of music through this device. This receiver is great. I run through everything and I don't have to change the input on the TV, which is very convenient. You can adjust the level of each individual speaker while looking at something. You can also connect a microphone and place it in your normal sitting position to watch TV, and the receiver will automatically set up for optimal listening.

Sound quality

What I want to say is-listening to music is excellent. Since I have special ears for music and prefer to listen to old jazz music, this amplifier has lived through great compositions. Sometimes I lost my breath without exaggerating. The sound is so clear and at the same time there is enough sound. Then I want to use the bookshelf with audiobooks while having breakfast or cleaning the house. I played a lot of action films in the 5.1 setting and shook the walls to less than 50%. Assuming you have a quality speaker, the sound is clean and not distorted. This sound can reach any part of the apartment from anywhere. That is, one room has a receiver and the other room has a receiver. Sound is good and the quality is excellent.


Smartphone or tablet – with built-in Bluetooth connection, everything is suitable for Yamaha RX-A750 amplifier. Works well with Samsung Smart TVs. Set 2 zones with 5 pairs of speakers in the second zone. This amplifier can hear all of the sounds. I used it with a Samsung bedroom TV. After wiring to the TV correctly, you can control the AMP using the TV volume buttons on the remote control. ARC (Audio Return Channel) also works well when getting sound from the Android app built into the TV via the receiver. It is important to mention that there is no problem with devices running through this device. (All connected devices: Sony Bravia, Sony Blu Ray Player and iMac, etc.).


The Yamaha RX-A750 was very easy to install and enjoyed automatic calibration. If the first time goes wrong, run setup again. It's quick and easy. When setup is finished, warns you to view the report. The first attempt showed 8 feet on one foot and 16 feet on the other. This was not possible because the speakers were placed almost identically at the listening position. When I ran setup again, it was set up correctly.


For audio enthusiasts like myself, the Yamaha RX-A750's sound quality and lifespan are the first choice. Numerous built-in music apps and full-featured Apple devices via AirPlay. Spacious living room with a second zone contains enough power. This item also has features like party mode. It's a great feature to hear different speakers in different areas of the house with the push of a button.

The device does not seem to be able to save a WiFi access point. If you would rather rejoin the network without restarting, you have the option of simply asking when accessing the network.

In this review, the Yamaha RX-A750 is fairly heavy to care, so you can't change its position too often.

The overall performance of the RX-A750 is exemplary in both music and film. I think it's a real deal. Great sound, very easy to use. I was looking for an amplifier that could stream my phone through my home system and this is it. It's this beautiful, high-quality processing unit that gives Yamaha the best position to be one of the best receivers available today.