Why should I buy a Dayton Audio SUB-1200?

It is a well-known fact that people generally do not understand the difference between different types of subwoofers. If you are not an expert in this area, you can think that most of them are very similar and have few recognizable features. But the actual situation is different, so you need to change your perspective as soon as possible. It is difficult to find the best subwoofer that is reliable enough and produces high quality sound. So we decided to write a Dayton Audio SUB-1200 review to figure out the main advantages and disadvantages of this particular subwoofer. If you are interested in this topic, keep reading.


In fact, almost all subwoofer designs are similar. In most cases, it's just a normal black box. Some of them are big or small, but they do not matter at all. The SUB-1200 is no exception. But this subwoofer has an unobtrusive black vinyl finish that makes it a bit angry. Of course, the quality of the plastic is not very impressive, but I am very happy to touch this subwoofer. On the other hand, it should be understood that this device is relatively heavy and large. It weighs more than 46 pounds, so you should keep this in mind before buying.


The market for subwoofers is so huge that the manufacturers of these devices do everything possible to make it even better and interesting for their customers. In most cases, the sound quality or design is improved, but some add unique features. Consider the most important SUB-1200 specification: there is a "auto-on" mode, which can be turned off with clean, powerful bass when not needed.

Performance and sound quality

If you're talking about sound quality, it's really hard to find the downside of this subwoofer. The sound is pure and powerful. There is no additional noise in the background and I'm really happy to listen to music or watch movies using the Dayton Audio SUB-1200. In addition, this subwoofer has a great, deep bass, letting you know that the experience is much better.


It should be understood that it is much easier to install a subwoofer than a computer or a TV. In most cases, the SUB-1200 setup process typically takes only 10 minutes. If you have experience in this field, you can solve this problem faster. Of course, if you're a true music fan and want the best sound for your needs, you'll have to spend time adjusting Dayton Audio SUB-1200 settings, but it's still very simple. If you stick to the instructions, you can solve this problem without any problems.


Therefore, the Dayton Audio SUB-1200 has some disadvantages, but it is probably one of the cheapest subwoofers on the market right now. The price is relatively cheap. Of course, you can also find a cheaper alternative in the market, but also take into account the quality of this subwoofer. If you want great sound and have enough space in the room, you should buy this product as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you find that you need a smaller subwoofer, you can continue your search.