Timeless Classic-Klipsch R-10B

The Klipsch R-10B review will be interesting to all readers, whether they know this advanced Twitter brand or not. Experienced users know about the quality of their products and new readers will be willing to learn about Klipsch quality.

The $ 400 price range may seem like too much because there is a set of cheaper subplus sound bars. I think its value depends on you. Only share my experiences and feelings about this little portable masterpiece.

This model was released in 2014, but you can still buy a new one. They are in high demand so you can easily get your own permanent R-10B in production.


The subwoofer and soundbar are both made of black matte MDF panels, which makes them very stylish. The tweeter and sub dome are covered with black plastic matte mesh.

The front lower panel of the bar has a small modest button row. The bright orange Klipsch logo looks very nice, especially with its overall understated minimalism and luxurious look.

It weighs only about seven pounds and is impressive at 250W power. The bar has wall mounts and nips for more versatile placement options.


Wireless serve is really unusual. The bass is designed to fire sideways, so the bass pops up from the wall to provide the proper sound pool. Under the mesh there are two 3-inch propylene woofers. The bar has wireless as well as Bluetooth technology. It also has a Dolby Digital option, which makes it even more fun and versatile.

The signature horn loading technique really makes this dialog bar stand out. Klipsch engineers know that TV tweeters actually distort speech quality. The R-10B set is convenient. The device is specifically designed to provide missing content to TV users.

But the Klipsch R-10B spec is amazing, but the good sound is really addictive. You will be connected to premium sound emptying your family budget of technical toys. You have been warned in advance.