SVS SB13-Ultra: The Dream Of An Audio Lover

SB13-Ultra is a sled amplifier. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 460 Hz plus or minus 3 dB. SVS says normal room gain can lower the frequency to 16 Hz. You can get the best sound with the SB13-Ultra. Find out more in the SVS SB13-Ultra review.


Ultra is beautifully finished in glossy piano black, but it also comes in black oak. It's quite big and tall, with a curved front metal grill that's 3 inches more arched. Ultra's size is small, but it can't be light. The weight is about 92 pounds. It's a nice cabinet that's firmly tightened and fully cushioned. There is no resonance just by pressing anywhere in the cabinet. The SB13-Ultra does not come with a remote, but the SVS consists of a small rear panel LCD screen called an Integrated Function Controller (ISC) and a single control knob on the user interface.


The Ultra has a small digital panel on the back. The cabinet of the SB13-Ultra subwoofer consists of MDF, and inside there is a large window brace for the driver's motor. If you install it very close to the wall, the position of the panel can be a problem, but the furniture slider can solve it. The SB13-Ultra specification is a versatile adjustment that allows you to shorten the setup time via a single push and turn button. There is both a high pass filter and a low pass filter. High pass filters limit the main speakers. The low pass filter is used to set the highest frequency of the sub and it is recommended to set it to 40 Hz when used with the main stereo system. There are also two parametric equalizer adjustment controls, phase control and room gain correction adjustment settings to suppress room peaks. The SB13-Ultra provides RCA (balanced and unbalanced) low level inputs / outputs, but no high level inputs / outputs (speaker wire connections).

Performance and sound quality

The bass is solid and fits into the cue, it rings when the bass is in perfect harmony not only in all the movies, but also in the news. Even at the lowest frequencies, less amount of distortion and attenuation (because it is sealed) is a pleasure to hear.

The customization of the SB13 is the dream of an audiophile. Basically, for those with SPL meters or more sophisticated calibration equipment, a small EQ computer is built in. If you want to know what it means when someone speaks, I can feel the sound and bass. Then this is the sub you want. The price is always determined by economics, but this Sub means serious business. Bass are balanced and don't shake the whole house, which can make one anxious in my opinion. I don't want to feel an earthquake while watching a movie or listening to music with bass effects.


It's actually a lot easier for multichannel fans. If you leave your subwoofer in its default mode, the AVR or preamp processor will do all the thinking for you and your users. Still, for the SB13-Ultra setting, measure the distance to the subwoofer and make SPL measurements as above.

For multichannel use, the preamplifier has bass management so it is connected to the LFE input, so all internal settings of the subwoofer are ignored and the multichannel preamplifier controls the crossover. This is where the problem occurred. Since there is no dedicated LFE input, you need to change the setting every time you pull the subwoofer off the wall and change from 2-channel music to 5-channel movies or vice versa.

SVS SB13-Ultra Setup In managing auditions, a subwoofer for music can be a problem for profound full range speakers. Why? If there is no music lower than the speaker's playing ability, you will not hear a big difference. Most people are very important for music playback. In music, you find everything that can cause unwanted side effects.


SVS SB13-Ultra is a very compact sealed subwoofer. Compact size with a spacious headroom. We tend to focus on what's wrong rather than improved. We hear everything that can deviate from the width and depth of the sound stage and the crystal sharpness. Yes, I need a subsonic sound. If not, why should you buy a subwoofer? But we do not want it to overwhelm the speakers. Ultra weight and presence to bring more texture to music.