Sony SA-W2500-When Power and Reliability Are Needed

The Sony SA-W2500 is a perfect product example from one of the world's leading companies. This is the perfect combination of high reliability and total power output. It's the perfect solution when you need an amazing subwoofer and want to enjoy true quality music or audio. Super durable model is very durable. This model is designed and built using a variety of technologies, so the output sound is clear. This Sony SA-W2500 review will help those looking for a great subwoofer.


The Sony SA-W2500 is a truly new solution for modern front launch design. The 10-inch front driver provides a lot of clean bass power. This driver is a Mica-enhanced solution that uses high speed power and gets deep bass sounds without damaging the driver. This design has a side-mounting enclosure and a variety of connectors that make it easy to integrate this subwoofer into your speaker setup. At the same time, the connectors are well made, which can reduce or completely exclude noise that may occur at the subwoofer output. The solution has a magnetic shielding technology, which allows you to place this subwoofer where you want, without fear of damaging other devices such as mobile phones, TVs, receivers, etc.

The body is made of MDF, which ensures a high level of architectural rigidity and a good wood finish. The rear panel has ports that help to reduce vibration or eliminate unwanted noise. The rear panel has a dial for adjusting all necessary ports and various parameters.

This model has a small button on the front panel with an LED that shows if the subwoofer is turned on.


The Sony SA-W2500 specification proves to be a great option for those who value quality. 100 watt amplifier subwoofer. To provide deep and clear output sound, Sony used motion feedback technology. Frequency response ranges from 28 Hz to 200 Hz with impedances of 6 Ω and 80 Hz. You can get natural output bass without noise or distortion. It also makes this model compatible with various settings.

The Sony SA-W2500 allows you to control various parameters such as cutoff frequency to blend seamlessly with other speakers using a subwoofer. This model also has a phase switch. This model also has a volume dial. This model has a line in jack and speaker inputs.

Performance and sound quality

Customers using this subwoofer are happy with the sound this subwoofer outputs. Many customers claim to output rich, natural bass sounds, which is a great option for listening to music or watching movies. This model is highly compatible and works perfectly with speakers from other manufacturers such as Bose.

Nevertheless, some customers recommend to turn off the auto power save function. Some customers are advised to choose this option only if they need to fill a deep sound in a narrow space, and some customers are advised to receive additional devices even if they are used in the basement.


Customers who bought this model are very satisfied. Many customers claim that the SA-W2500 setup process is fast. You can connect everything quickly without having any experience with this kind of device. In addition, very detailed step-by-step instructions are provided. It has a variety of ports so you can always connect with the settings.

This subwoofer has various dials that allow you to change various Sony SA-W2500 settings and mix this model with your settings. The port guarantees a perfect connection, so the customer is silent.


The Sony SA-W2500 is a great solution when you need a reliable model that outputs natural bass sound. But it is an option if you do not need to fill the spacious room with sound. Many customers say that this model is the perfect combination of conventional Sony quality and price (the price of this model is about $ 90). In addition, this model is compatible with a variety of speakers and can be an integral part of the audio setup. Therefore, if you need a reliable subwoofer in a small room, this is a great option.