Review of Onkyo TX-NR545

The Onkyo TX-NR545 is considered an entry-level receiver, but it provides smooth, dense surround sound when watching game modes and movies, and good dynamics in rich sound and music listening modes. However, you need to elaborate on the Onkyo TX-NR545 review, which has all the technical advantages and subtle differences of this device.


If the front panel of last year's TX-NR636 model had a USB port and HDMI input, it's now replaced by a composite video input and stereo RCA, as well as a 6.3mm headphone output. The rest of the Onkyo TX-NR545 specs are no different: it's a handy remote with a durable finish that's solid and clean with a black or silver finish, as well as practical dimensions and careful button layout.


Sound correction works great. The features and sound are really good and the volume fills the space easily. Affordable system with 2 zones, TV inside and outside music. It's a solid receiver that's always available at an affordable price. As a budget-friendly receiver with 4K features, it will last for years.


This product's clock radio amplifier has audible distortion, but it's not a real environment, so don't put it in too much space. It is better to say "BI-AMPING" because you can not put the amplifier. That is, if the speaker allows. This receiver can wirelessly receive various audio files via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The device also supports the AirPlay interface.

Sound quality

Changing the video / audio source is as easy as selecting the source on the remote and Presto, you can see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. The Bluetooth function is great for listening to music. Choose Bluetooth on your remote and enjoy It's a great surround receiver, great for listening in less important ways. As an audio lover extension, it is not a serious audio dragon but a basic audio dragon.


It supports iTunes speaker mirroring that recognizes Airplay (not all delays or echoes, but has a good home network), as well as online services like Panplay, Sirius. Spotify and Deezer. The amplifier built into this device is made up of individual elements, which makes it especially powerful in the new surround sound mode Dolby Atmos.

Very nice audio auto correction system. Three of the six HDMI inputs use the latest protocols required for ultra-high definition. Ordinary speaker sounds can also be quite good.


Setting up Onkyo is not as complicated as most similar receivers. All connectors are clearly signed. Turn on the device on the network, connect and adjust the microphone, everything will turn off by itself.


This receiver was classified as the first Hi-Fi equipment, but it can compete with more expensive models for functional equipment. Due to excellent technical indicators, this device is not too expensive, so the obvious advantages of such an acquisition.