Rega Planar 2 — Hear all details

This audiophile class turntable has everything that makes your sound flow natural. Due to the robust construction, the vibration is flat and there is no resonance through the speakers. It is belt driven and equipped with a 24V motor, providing consistent motion and sensitivity to sound dispersion. The turntable adds less than 10% of the wow and flutter to produce the audio exactly in the recorded way. There is no digital encoder or various control knobs, but it offers an electronic skating prevention system for tonearm and noticeable pitch control.


The record player is carried out with a minimalist design, which features a slightly refined claim. The glossy, rather nice acrylic plinth goes well with the glass platter. The latter was quite heavy and felt, completely flattening the response and providing a quiet background of sound. The center point is a one-piece straight tone arm featuring a carbon stylus.

There are a few turntable controls hidden beneath it.


This model is completely manual. But you don't have to be a technical expert in minutes. Move the belt to set the required speed, install the platters, and then pick up the disk. Apply a counterweight to the tonearm and adjust the weight. To do this, turn the dial as many times as you like (1 gram for 1 and a half turns). Now you are ready to listen to vinyl records!


The Rega Planar 2 specification shows that there is no built-in phono preamp on the turntable. Pair your record player with a mid-quality solid preamp for optimal performance.

The turntable uses a moving magnetic carbon cartridge that demonstrates dynamic sound patterns and delicate details. The stylus moves lightly along the groove and accurately derives the total available audio.

The player has a two-speed option offering vinyl records at 33 ⅓ and 45 rpm.


At the end of this Rega Planar 2 review, this high-end turntable boasts a solid yet elegant build and true lifelike sound reproduction. It doesn't feature most popular devices or a set of controls, it delivers very accurate, lively and deep sound. Operation is simple and requires minimum adjustment to play immediately. So it's a good option for both demanding audiophiles and beginners.