Pro-Ject Elemental: Simple Turntable for New Vinyl Pan

One of the leaders in the vinyl player market, the Austrian company Pro-Ject launched a unique vertical turntable, priced at $ 300, using branded tonearms and Ortofon OM5E MM cartridges.


At this price, the quality of manufacturing and finishing is quite good. The cap has three color options: white, red and black. MDF platters and sound suppressors are only shown in black.

The design of this turntable is very sophisticated. The engine (DC), bearing and tonearm are on the same line of solid wood base. Heavy anchor supports made of artificial stone are attached to a thin pedestal under the bearing, which increases the stability of the structure and also acts as a vibration absorber for noise generated by the bearings and the engine. Displaced high quality tonearm is exactly suitable for Ortofon cartridges.


Pro-Ject Elemental review is a good way to make sure this turntable follows the plug and play principle. The tonearms and cartridges are already fixed and adjusted to the biasing force and down force regulator. Counter weights are already equipped.

There is no leveling mechanism and suspension for separation from external vibrations. You need to manage the appropriate low resonant stand yourself.

After removing the turntable from the box, we pulled the belt around the platter and drive motor pulley to connect the cable between the external power supply and the device. After that, I had to put a record and turn on the player.


Electronic gear shifting is not provided. To change from 33.3 to 45 RPM, you need to manually move the belt from the bottom of the pulley to the larger belt.

The bearing pulley is pressed directly into the disc, so there is no sub disc. There is no suspension on the support disk, and the chassis support is the only protection against mechanical vibrations of the entire turntable. The support discs are driven by rubber belts that work on the outside and on the engine pulley. The head of the player is equipped with an oval diamond needle using a standard holder.

The Pro-Ject Elemental specification was developed for low energy consumption. When the power switch is off, the consumption does not exceed 0.28W, and 4.17W during work.


Pro-Ject Elemental vinyl player is a very simple design, mainly targeted at rookies. Nevertheless, this model is famous for its high-quality builds that distinguish this turntable from others of similar classes.