Pioneer VSX-LX103 – good quality for good money

The main goal of the Pioneer VSX-LX103 review is to clarify the characteristics of the midrange 7 channel AV. It does not reach the total output power and power per channel, but there are many inputs and outputs to provide a good cinema experience.

You can stream content from web services and USB flash drives. The dual zone function allows you to play content in two rooms at the same time and control the performance via your smartphone. The device uses branded MCCAC Pro technology for speaker calibration via the included microphone.


The amplifier's front panel is neat with a large fluorescent screen and two large buttons, an input selector and volume control. There is also a USB port with phone jack for quick and convenient connection.


One of the Pioneer VSX-LX103 specifications is FlareConnect, which places a wireless multi-room system in your home. Ultra HD upscaling can convert 1080p content to 4K. In addition, HDMI pass-through saves image quality by transmitting video content via AV without distortion.


AV offers streaming content from Pandora, Tidal, Spotify and Deezer. There is a digital tuner, but the antenna is weak, which is why some stations are not coming in. The VSX-LX103 has a phase control feature that delays bass compensation to increase sound synchronization.

Sound quality

The sound is deep, immersive, realistic, and combined with codec compatibility for objects.

The surround sound option allows you to use rear speakers with various sources [e.g. broadcasting TV on a cable box]. DTS: X provides 3D sound from a source with a more uniform and general sound.

Built-in Pure Direct mode ensures that sound clarity is not compromised by interference.


Pioneer VSX-LX103 supports speaker 7.1: 5.2 configuration and two subs. Both built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet outputs are provided. This device comes with a built-in Chromecast for streaming content from your mobile device to your speaker.


There are manual instructions that are easy to understand. You can adjust the volume of the amplifier and turn it on or off via the TV remote control. Not the easiest setting. Each HDMI port on the VSX-LX103 supports 4K and content protection, as well as Wide Color Gamut, which is useful when upgrading other components of the system.


Taking into account the power and settings of the AV, the device is suitable for medium rooms with low ceilings. Advanced connectivity and multiple settings allow you to configure your home theater system with the latest technology.