Pioneer SC-LX801 — Does Price Matter?

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to test the Pioneer SC-LX801, one of the most popular A / V receivers. At first glance, the Pioneer SC-LX801 is a great and reliable receiver that will meet your needs. However, many do not know if you should buy this product, since the price of this gadget is not the lowest. Therefore, to buy this receiver, we will consider whether the price is important and the main advantages and disadvantages of this receiver, so read this Pioneer SC-LX801 review.


The design of this receiver is very classic. There are two big controls, the volume and the input selector. There is also one generic button that you should use to turn on the receiver. You must admit that the quality of this button is not really good. It's different from the iPhone's "Home" button, which brings you real pleasure when you press it. The recipient's button is not very reliable and I think serious problems will occur in the future. But if you want to turn on or off the remote control, you can avoid it because there is a special remote control.

If you're looking at the back, you'll be impressed because the number of different ports can hurt your mind. If you want to get the best sound and make a small cinema at home, this receiver will satisfy your needs. To be honest, there are 2 antennas that irritate me, but I know that developers need to add them to ensure the best quality.


Well, the most important "feature" is probably clear: the price is relatively high. Of course, everything depends on the needs and financial position of a particular person. But you know this amount is enormous, but you need to understand that the price is closely related to the quality of this receiver. Developers add special features and build great products to help you watch videos and listen to music for years. For example, there are special Internet radio and network audio players. Listen to podcasts or music without restrictions.

We also added three zone features. Three people can use this device at the same time. It's great because most of the competitors only offer dual-zone functionality. You can also use the smartphone remote control. If you do not want to use a generic controller, you can load a special application on your phone and control this device via mobile. It's really good that the company decided to invest more money and make the lives of customers much easier. Of course, pure direct mode, MCACC PRO and deep color technology are also available.


As you know, performance will not let you down. I was really surprised because the operating power consumption is only 320W. I don't know how they did it, but I really don't want to pay hundreds of dollars a month because I have a professional A / V receiver at home. If we are talking about the quality of the video, we will keep upscaling up to 4K so you can forget 720p forever.

Sound quality

This receiver is ready to retain all audio formats at any time of the day and it doesn't matter if you decide to use Blu-ray Discs or low quality files found on the Internet. The sound is pure and soft. Already watching 3 movies, there is no extra noise, which can be disturbing while watching. The Pioneer SC-LX801 uses special ASR technology to improve sound quality to solve problems quickly and professionally. If you talk about sound quality, it is probably one of the best products on the market.


Seriously, I do not find any serious disadvantages of this receiver. All the latest Wi-Fi routers are maintained and can be used. There are 7 built-in decoders and more than 20 ports. Pioneer SC-LX801 has eight HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs. Do you know it? Multiple USB ports, subwoofers and even phone connections are possible. But I have to admit that they didn't add coaxial digital outputs and optical digital outputs, but I don't think it's a serious problem. It's also not compatible with Alexa, but I don't think it's necessary because it has a special smartphone remote control for remote use.


Even if there are too many ports, setting up this device is not a real problem. You have a special smartphone app with clear instructions to make your life easier and solve your problems. To be honest, I was able to turn this on in a matter of tens of minutes, including test time, so I think it's possible to set it up without a problem, even if you're not an expert in this area.


At first glance it seems too expensive. Yes, it's really hard to spend a lot of money to buy a regular A / V receiver. But I think price is not important because price is like quality. The company did everything possible to solve the problem and provide the best product. You can listen to music, enjoy pure sound, or watch 4K movies. The only minus button is an unreliable button, there are two types of remote controls, so there is no need to use them. Reread all the specifications of the Pioneer SC-LX801 and compare it with your competitors and make the final decision!