Pioneer PLX 1000: Turntables for Home and DJ

Pioneer, a legendary manufacturer of audio electronics, unveiled the PLX-1000 model. Top-quality professional analog turntable for DJ and also designed for home use.


The turntable is only black and has a gold-plated RCA output. According to the Pioneer PLX 1000 review, the long fader on the pitch shifter is complemented by an LED indicating the offset and three buttons for more accurate tempo adjustment.


The player's instructions are designed for quick installation, even for beginners. Pioneer PLX-1000 has a complete set for DJ or home use. Includes an aluminum platter, slip mat, counterweight, detachable weight head case, adapter and dust cover.

However, the kit does not include a phono stage, so you need to use an external phono stage or connect the device directly to a mixer or amplifier with phono inputs. The cartridge and needle are not included.


The uniqueness of the turntable is in the multi-level tempo control. In addition to the standard adjustable speed of ± 8%, you can also select the ± 16% or ± 50% range. The reset button will immediately return to its original speed.

The Pioneer PLX 1000 specification ensures professional sound with all the innovative features such as quick start, pitch range switching and direct drive and detachable cables with proper assembly quality. The basic features of this model include a high torque quartz direct drive, an S-shaped tonearm with skating prevention options, and a thick rubber insulation that provides precise control and positioning of the tonearm in the record.

The chassis of the player is made of zinc, which prevents resonance and vibration. The lower part of the block is reinforced with rubber and dustproof materials on the base. The player has two speeds (33 1/3 and 45 rotations) that can be selected with the individual buttons at the bottom.


The Pioneer PLX-1000 is designed for work, play, party or home and is very easy to use. High torque direct drive system provides stable rotation. The PLX-1000 is made from heavy-duty cast zinc to extend its structural strength. It also includes variable tempo control with wide range and output connections. Thanks to highly sensitive plates and RCA outputs, the player delivers high quality sound optimized for mixing and scratching.

Unexpectedly, the Pioneer PLX-1000 plays music at the same resolution, focus and balance as a Hi-Fi player. Compete with other vinyl players at the $ 700 price point.