Pioneer PL-30-K: automatic turntable for beginners

This vinyl player from Pioneer is designed to suppress everything that hinders pure sound reproduction, such as noise, vibration and other noises. Pioneer claims it was made primarily for music lovers playing on old vinyl audio records that miss the warm vinyl sound.


Pioneer PL-30-K fits almost any interior thanks to its minimal style. Silver tonearms and matching cartridges contrast with the black metal finish on the case. Weight only 12 pounds. The control is front-facing and minimized, and the platter is centered on a 5mm thick rubber mat. The main disk is made of aluminum. The sturdy construction is on an anti-vibration stand. This model is equipped with a dustproof cover made of transparent plastic.


Pioneer PL-30-K review is intended to help with installation. But the PL-30-K setting is not a problem: it is done by placing a metal disk on the spindle of the turntable, fastening the drive belt over the engine pulley, attaching the counterweight of the tonearm, and adjusting the tracking force. The player is ready to play vinyl records within 5 minutes. In addition, the instruction manual provides useful information for beginners.


Despite its low price and very simple design, this Pioneer turntable has all the standard features like automatic start / stop, two speed (33.3 / 45 RPM), plate size switch (17/30 inch) and switchable built-in phono preamp There is. . The player is equipped with a statically balanced direct tonearm with a crane and a pre-installed MM-type needle. It is worth paying attention to low level explosions of less than 0.1%. To protect against unwanted vibrations, the PL-30-K is equipped with a two-tier chassis. If you have a standard preamplifier, you can connect your turntable directly to an amplifier, AV receiver, or music center. However, you can disable it if necessary. The full set of devices includes extra wires, adapters for long play and removable power cords. PL-30 uses tonearm cable with gold-plated RCA connector.


In addition to the Pioneer PL-30-K specification and careful design, it also features high precision performance thanks to built-in anti-skating control. This turntable is a well-designed automatic vinyl player that does not impress audiophiles with fantastic sound reproduction, but offers a pleasant sound. Of course, those who prefer automatic turntables are defined, so they may not be suitable for everyone. However, this rugged player is a good option for those who prefer a strong, durable vinyl player with classic vintage sound.