Need more power-Polk Audio PSW125

Polk Audio PSW125 is the perfect 12-inch solution for medium and large conference rooms and powerful settings. This model was built using only advanced components. Therefore, a clean, distortion-free bass is always output. This model is stable and power efficient even at maximum volume. This model is designed and designed using a variety of Klippel technologies and numerous innovative features to combine high levels of reliability and incredible output. This Polk Audio PSW125 review will help those looking for a great solution.


The body is made of high quality MDF material. The vent enclosure type helps to avoid resonance or noise, while the polymer woofer configuration is very robust. This model has two variants-black and cherry. The latter will be a great option for those who prefer a natural wood texture. There is a 12 inch front fire driver with a down fire port.

These speakers are designed to produce clear and clear sound with speaker geometry and configuration using Dynamic Balance technology. Using Klippel Distortion Analyzer technology, correct motor structure optimization and voice coil alignment were achieved. This model has RCA LFE input, RCA stereo line level input, speaker output, and input. Spring terminal is gold-plated, no noise.

It measures 16.5×16.2×19.3 and weighs 40.1 pounds.


The PSW125 specification shows that this is a high performance model for everyone. The nominal output power is 150W, the maximum output power reaches 300W, and the audio amplifier output power is also 300W. The frequency response range is quite large, from 32 Hz to 225 Hz, and the crossover frequency range can be easily mixed with speaker settings from 60 Hz to 160 Hz. It also features phase control and low pass filters. This model is built using smart circuit technology, excellent compression and intelligent amplifiers to provide deep bass sound with very low distortion and great mixing options.

Performance and sound quality

Many customers are satisfied with the subwoofer. I don't like production quality and output sound, and some customers claim that this model will be perfect for everyone except the most important audiophile. Customers also claim that this model is quite large and requires a lot of space.

Customers say that this model is very suitable for movies. It's also a great option for music and works well at low volumes. However, some customers claim that 12-inch solutions do not have enough power.

Nevertheless, some customers have problems with this model. People had to do it manually because it doesn't turn on automatically in standby mode. Later, some people make sounds and start popping. Some customers claim that their department worked within three years.


The customer has no problem with the PSW125 setup process. This is very simple. It comes with a detailed documentation so you can connect and configure it correctly without having to do it before. All ports and dials are labeled, making the process easier. When connected with other devices (e.g. receivers), you can start crossover frequency dial tuning to mix this model with other speakers. Some customers have said that it takes time to correctly set up Polk Audio PSW125, but this is a time issue, not a complicated one.


The Polk Audio PSW125 is ideal if you need a high performance solution and need a solid or large practical subwoofer (of course, a small practical option). This model outputs clean, rich bass sounds and is designed using a variety of techniques so that the output sound is not distorted. However, some customers have problems with this model after a short period (3 years or less) (noise or stop working).