Music Hall Usb-1 – Multi-Purpose Entry-Level Turntable

This inexpensive turntable produces a soft, vivid sound. It is consistently characterized at extremely large volumes and frequencies, but handles the smallest interference. The tonearm has an elegant S-shape, and the diamond stylus is so thin that it can accurately and reliably transmit sound. It is replaceable and so is the head shell. The USB port is a useful feature that allows you to encode vinyl sound into digital sound and transfer it to your PC or smartphone.


The turntable is small and light, so it's great to carry around on your trip. But such a design does not add to the immersion of vibrations. The whole structure is quite solid, but the latter resonates with extreme volume. The plastic plinth consists of two layers and lies on a wide round scaffold. The platter is die cast aluminum. Knobs, buttons and sliders are placed large enough and comfortable for DJs and intermittent vinyl listeners.


In the course of the Music Hall usb-1 review, we found that the turntable could be used without any special knowledge. Connect the wires, install the record, press the button for the required playback speed, press the big "Start / Stop" button – here you are enjoying the smooth and delicate sound. The tonearm has anti-skating and weight adjustment knobs to help balance the interaction with the record. To get a digital version of the record, simply plug your PC cable into a USB port. The latter stays on.


The frequency of the built-in preamplifier is nominal 150mV at 1KHz and produces a pleasant sound with detail and clear main line. The turntable also offers the option to upgrade and connect an external preamplifier via rear panel switches. The turntable applies a moving magnetic cartridge, so the stylus can be replaced easily. Nevertheless, the sound is somewhat lacking in Sonic's liveliness at a very dynamic point.

The turntable has a choice of playback speeds from 33 ⅓ to 45 rpm, making it suitable for playing most vinyl records.


The Music Hall usb-1 specification shows that various budget turntables are a good starting point for vinyl listening. The plastic design is complemented by a belt driven motor platter connection that locks out noise. Adjustable pitch controls let you get more movement or slow down your recordings acoustically. All controls are large and convenient. Built-in converter lets you retrieve digital records and transfer them to your PC or smartphone. For DJ-ing fans, the strobe light gives the platter an atmosphere.