Music Hall IKURA: outstanding turntables with modern features

Music Hall IKURA is a turntable that offers a variety of solutions that stand out among similar models at this price point. It does not belong to the senior line and occupies an intermediate position between the music halls MMF-5.1 and MMF-7.1.


IKURA is different from the previous model. Perhaps this is why it looks more original in contrast to the turntables of traditional and strict music halls. The device is equipped with a transparent dustproof cover and is available in a black or white lacquer finish. Therefore, it is suitable for all audio systems and interiors. The chassis is equipped with an additional separation platform, laid on three conical legs made of vulcanized rubber. Large, dynamically balanced disks are made of solid MDF.


The Music Hall IKURA review is a great way to make sure that this turntable sale is almost perfectly assembled and configured and that the cartridge is already aligned to the tonearm. The music hall also provides everything you need for a quick setup of the kit. Simply set the counterweight and non-slip weight of the drive belt and tonearm and set the recommended vertical tracking force.


The music hall IKURA is equipped with a DC motor mounted on the bottom panel. Due to this, they are completely separated from the supporting disk and tonearm bearings mounted on the upper disk. The support discs are made of fiberboard, have dynamic balancing, and are supplemented with felt mats to relieve resonance. The turntable is equipped with a die-cast aluminum mono design that effectively resists parasitic vibrations and a standard 9-in tonearm with anti-skating capabilities.

IKURA includes the Ortofon 2M Blue Moving Magnet Pickup. The internal wiring of the tonearm is made of flexible copper cables. The device is equipped with an RCA output connector, allowing the user to choose an interconnect for connecting the turntable to the system. IKURA offers two speeds of disk rotation (33.3 / 45 RPM).


Music Hall IKURA is a great example of a modern turntable. Reliable and easy to configure, you can listen to both modern and vintage records. It's a powerful competitor to more expensive turntables, and you'll find potential buyers among those looking for high quality sound at a reasonable price. The Music Hall IKURA spec is perfect for both demanding audiophiles and beginners looking for a decent sound turntable.