LG 65UK6300PUE Specifications-Budget Gadgets Exceeded

The LG 65UK6300PUE review handles the midrange models of the UK630 series, released in 2017. The video engine of 4K UHD TV can improve the low resolution. ThinkQ Al technology is an artificial intelligence that allows you to manage your device using voice. This allows everyone to optimize their daily tasks, find answers to questions, and control their smart home devices.

The TV can be installed easily. All settings are very intuitive. Frame rate control enlarges the number of tones and shades in every frame of video, and these changes are invisible to humans. The vertical angle of a person is 1780, which excludes color fading. One of the important LG 65UK6300PUE specifications for gamers is TruMotion technology with a frequency of 120Hz, which provides high quality video transmitted through a PC.

Pros and cons of LG 65UK6300PUE

  • It works fine on XBox One X and other consoles that can take advantage of 4K and HDR.
  • The hit output is low.
  • Nothing is as good as sound. As good as you need to connect the sound system.
  • Slow TV Interface – It takes a few seconds for the settings to appear after pressing a button.