JBL PRX718XLF-Powerful Solution

JBL PRX718XLF is the perfect subwoofer for those who need a lot of bass. Model designed by one of the world's leading companies offering a wide range of audio solutions. The JBL PRX718XLF has a variety of features that make it a great option for both music and movies. This model outputs a perfect, clean, deep bass sound. The structure is durable and correctly designed, resulting in noise or unnecessary vibration. This JBL PRX718XLF review is very useful for those who want a perfect subwoofer.


The JBL PRX718XLF is an 18-inch driver on the front panel that looks big. This model also has an exhaust port located on the front panel (just below the driver). But everything is covered with a detachable grille. This subwoofer has a dent resistant steel grille and is protected by a cloth. The body of this subwoofer is made of plywood, which makes the overall structure stronger and more durable. The woofer is made of polymer, which allows you to get high volume without generating noise or vibration. The enclosure is ejected. The cabinet has tongue and groove joints protected by a DuraFlex finish.

This model has a suspension point to facilitate the installation process. The back panel has a variety of switches and ports. This model has two XLR 1/4 inch combination inputs and two XLR loop throughs. The port is designed correctly so there is no noise.

There is also a small LED light on the front panel that indicates the current status of the subwoofer. It tells you if the subwoofer is on, when the output peak is reached and the model is ready to deliver audio.

It measures 27.2×20.6×28.5 inches and weighs 81 pounds. Although heavy, this model has two handles with rubber grips.


The PRX718XLF specification will surprise even the most demanding customers. Maximum output power is 1500W, which can cover a large area with clean deep bass. The frequency response range is 30 Hz to 103 Hz. Internal crossover frequency is 90HZ DSP controlled by 48dB filter slope, loop out crossover frequency is 24dB filter slope and 120Hz analog. You can reach the perfect combination of subwoofer and other speakers. JBL also used dynamic control technology for its inputs and features a Dbx Type IV limiter circuit. Maximum SPL is 134 dB peak. This model supports normal and reverse polarity. To control the sound, this model has a Hi-Low pass filter. This is a smart model and can be turned off automatically without signal input.

Performance and sound quality

Users of this model claim that it outputs a very powerful and heavy punch sound. Some customers like the features of this model, such as the high pass filter and the auto off function. Customers also like how this model is made. Everything is amazing, but it also has some nice features. You can turn off the lighting on the panel.

Compared with many subwoofers, many customers claim that this model is large. This subwoofer is also quite heavy, so it's a problem if you're a musician and carry your equipment everywhere. Therefore, a crew member may be needed and the weight of the subwoofer makes it difficult to place it.


The PRX718XLF setup process is not very complicated as all the ports are easily accessible. However, many customers claim that placing this subwoofer is the hardest moment, because this subwoofer is very heavy.


The JBL PRX718XLF is a really amazing subwoofer and proves that JBL knows how to satisfy its customers. JBL PRX718XLF is not only a very powerful model, but also has a variety of functions and very flexible. You can change the JBL PRX718XLF setting and mix it with other speakers you are using. It's also modern and the front grille is powder coated for durability. Of course, this model costs a bit, but accordingly you get a perfect solution to handle a wide range of frequencies. Perfect option for audio lovers.