Denon AVRX4400H Customer Overview

The Denon AVRX4400H review is provided to illustrate this top midrange b / c with all the advanced features and performance of a top-end AVR. This receiver lacks additional build quality for the chassis and the weight of the top model. For most people this will be enough.


There is a large, easy-to-read display showing the source, processing, and channels that the receiver outputs. Below this display is a drop-down flap, followed by controls, HDMI inputs, USB ports, video inputs, and other important details. It looks suburban and suitable for any room, making this receiver multifunctional.


One of the Denon AVRX4400H specs I hate is the volume menu on the TV screen. Large bar with "Eco Mode" displayed with volume even when Eco Mode is off. It occupies the room and distracts you when you watch TV or a movie. By purchasing the Audyssey app, you can view the sound graph and make further adjustments to the sound.


If the HDMI output of your Zone 2 TV is great, try running 5.1 and Zone 2 & 3. A much improved GUI menu and an uncomplicated remote control have been improved. There are many Alexa commands, so you need to spend more time.

Sound quality

The whole room is filled with nice sounds. Audyssey speaker settings actually improve sound quality. As expected, it's a full-body sound with better timing and weight than the proper handle in the dynamic range.


The modern setup / on-screen display is a big leap forward, making it easy to configure your surround sound system. Denon is smart enough to automatically switch the surround mode from Dolby to DTS, Stereo, etc., and I expect other built-in wireless features to become familiar over time. Two phone apps, HEOS and AVR Remote, were enough and bug free.


Most obvious Audyssey programming can help you set up. Simply plug the included microphone into the input under the flap on the X4400H signboard and follow the onscreen instructions.


Affordable high quality products worth every penny. You will be amazed at its full sound capabilities and picture saturation. Audessey programming allows you to step through the settings painlessly, and you can imitate yourself just as you did with the purchase.