Cambridge audio topaz sr10: great sound-good price

If you are going to buy a receiver for your home and can't decide what to choose, then you have come to exactly where you need it. In this article, I read the Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 review. I want to share my thoughts about this receiver with you. I hope this review is helpful.


The exterior of the Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 is very elegant. The AV receiver is made of a solid metal case with a thick aluminum front panel and has an anti-resonance chassis. The AV receiver has a very careful and competent layout. There are no extra wires, the wiring is done very carefully and the transformer is firmly fixed to the base. The front panel has a 6.3mm stereo headphone jack. The AV receiver provides tone control in LF, HF and stereo balance.


Cambridge Audio delivers 2 x 85 W. Topaz SR10 V2.0 power supplies are equipped with high quality custom toroidal transformers that can supply significant current to the load and have minimal electrical interference.

Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 v2.0 is quite broad. The Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 specification includes four linear inputs on the rear panel and one portable input device on the other. In addition, this AV receiver has a high-quality built-in phono stage for connecting MM pickups, which appeals to vinyl sound lovers.


When you hear the sound quality of Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10, if you've ever heard your favorite movie sound through the small speakers of a modern TV, the reaction will be between pleasant and strong surprises.

The modified version of the popular Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 V2.0 Stereo Receiver, included in the company's cheapest model series, has a very high ratio of quality and price.

Sound quality

The sоund quаlіty of Cаmbrіdge Audіo is supеrb. AV receivers were created by removing small features to achieve maximum sound quality within a very small budget. The receiver copes well with a large number of sound effects at the same time, but at the same time you can hear each individual sound very clearly.


There are two pairs of high quality screw terminals for connecting speakers in Topaz SR10 V2.0, and you can connect speakers according to the bi-wiring method. The main disadvantage is the lack of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


It was very easy to install. Connect the gear, connect the supplied active electroacoustic transducer, then follow the instructions on the screen using the simplified remote control. In a few minutes, the receiver is ready to take action, you can safely sit down, relax and enjoy. The Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 V2.0 comes with a full-featured remote control.


Cambridge has certain convenience zones, which are budget zones. There was no problem with the setup and everything was very simple and understandable. This product is really cool. I recommend this receiver.