Bose Solo 5 Review – Small and Affordable Sound Bar

Small Sound Bar The Bose Solo 5-model isn't new, but it's worth it. Depending on the characteristics, the decision you made on the market for a long time may not be surprising, but despite the knowledge of older luxury models, I was very happy to use the Solo 5. There are many special features that offer an excellent combination of price and quality and enjoyment. But let's see everything in order.

Dimensions of the device – 7 x 54.8 x 8.6 cm, weight – 6.35 kg. The sound bar can be easily placed under the TV, on the wall, on a stand and does not take up much space. The speakers are directed in different ways to take up as much space as possible. In fact, if you sit on the couch 3 meters from the TV, no matter how far you come from, the Solo 5 is not running out of sound.


The appearance of the device is as neutral as possible, a kind of black long block with a single light and a silver Bose logo. Behind-cable, optical, coaxial, connector for connecting analog audio input. Mine advises everyone to use "optics". The kit has such a cable. Software update requires rear USB port. Do not forget to make the necessary adjustments in your TV settings so that the sound plays instantly in Solo 5.

If you look closely, you'll also see Bass, the first Bluetooth button needed to activate a wireless connection. That's right. The sound bar can be a pillar in the living room, assuming you have well-tuned speakers. The Bass button helps to add low frequencies. If you can hear the sound of the house well, it is better not to abuse the low frequency.


Unlike many other simple sound bars, the Bose Solo 5 specification has three features.

The first feature is speech clarity. You need to use buttons with bubbles, as in cartoons. – You can easily talk at low volumes without touching the music and effects in the background while you press and listen to your voice.

The second feature is TrueSpace technology, which allows you to get surround sound anywhere in the room. You can trust about 20 meters. Videostage technology converts incoming signals into 5-channel signals. There is literally a simple "basic" sound bar.

Yes, third feature. You can connect two Bluetooth devices to your Bose Solo 5 at once and switch between them when needed. For example, to listen to podcasts on iPhone, tracks stored in memory on the iPad. Well, or everything else depends on your preference.

The huge remote control is convenient and can replace the remote control of TVs and other devices. I use it with the TV and the player.